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Partners and Projects

Pediatric MRI simulator

Preparing patients before a procedure has been shown to reduce patient anxiety...

Cyclotron Vault Tour

Take a 360 degree peek behind the scenes at the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron...

SieVRt - Medical Viewer

Immersive learning using virtual reality is the future of medical education and training...



How can your medical organization keep up in this dynamically changing technological environment? Let us help your institution understand the latest trends in AR/VR medical technologies and determine how best these technologies can benefit your institution.

360 video production and distribution

Want to take advantage of 360 virtual reality video, but not sure where to start? We work with you to create VR content that seamlessly integrates with your existing offerings, or we can help create new immersive content based on your educational requirements.

Software development

Have an idea, but need a team to take you beyond the conceptual level? We specialize in VR software development. Trust our dedicated team of experienced developers to transform your vision into virtual reality.

We help you understand, create, and deploy VR medical technology


Using virtual reality for medical education positively impacts learning and retention. Luxsonic helps institutions and educators create virtual reality based:

Courses and course supplements

Interactive teaching tools

Self-directed learning applications


Allow trainees to be fully immersed in a standardized training environment. Use VR to maximize training outcomes while reducing operational costs and resources for:

Continuing medical and veterinary education

Facility and laboratory orientation

Medical equipment training

Health Care

From diagnostics to therapy, virtual reality technology is revolutionizing medicine and health care delivery. Work with us to better:

Prepare patients for procedures

Plan surgical procedures

Visualize and interact with complex medical data

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About Us

Our goal at Luxsonic is to develop immersive technologies that help people.

Luxsonic was founded in 2014 by medical researcher scientists. Since then, we've grown into a dedicated team of researchers, content creators, software developers, and medical professionals who share a similar passion for innovation in healthcare.

We created the company based on the idea that new technology should be used for the betterment of humankind.

That's right, we're unapologetic do gooders!

If you'd like to learn more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.